A Bahamut prototype from 2014, then under the name of Black Magic. A running theme with everything is I just never finish them (I’m working on that problem!) There’s some familiar things in the original Bahamut that makes it into the new comic. The blond kid was named Ed with the lead named Leo instead. I didn’t even think about this until seeing the pages again!

This is actually the second attempt at getting Bahamut going proper. I had actually completed (and sold at cons!) a completely separate story under the proper name (the current comic acts as a sequel of sorts to that. One day I’ll upload it if I can find the files, otherwise I need to scan in the physical book).

Basic idea was the same: freak with a magic hand.

FAILURE: Black Magic (again)
Bahamut has been a silly fantasy story building my head forever, with plenty of characters and organizations popping up. When Hell Monkey was finishing up, I needed something new. I was still having trouble getting the main plot of Bahamut going, so I decided to focus on some side characters I created and resurrected the name “Black Magic” for their organization.

Unfortunately, while I did write a 50-some page script, I just wasn’t helping and only got one page in before quitting.

The red mage looking dork wound up getting recasted as “Leo Orlean” (nothing to do with the hulking Leo from the prototype) with his lady friend there making a return in the future of Bahamut.